crafting public policy for a better internet


A Prescription for a Better Internet

October 28, 2020
What needs to happen in order to achieve a “better internet”? Chris Riley has dedicated his life and career to answering questions like this one. He delves deeply into the world of tech policy and works hard at finding solutions to some of the sector’s toughest questions. In this episode, Chris and Matt reflect on Chris’s time as Mozilla’s public policy team lead, and also tackle such questions as to how the government should approach the tech sector. Listen in. Other pieces by Chris Riley: The Need For A Robust Critical Community In Content Policy It’s Time to Regulate the Internet… But Thoughtfully Could A Narrow Reform Of Section 230 Enable Platform Interoperability? Concentrated Digital Markets, Restrictive APIs, and the Fight for Internet Interoperability Dr. Riley refers to GoSocial as a website that leverages maximal user control over platform content viewing and distribution to improve social engagement for businesses